If I could use only one word to sum up my time working on Pirates! it would be ‘fan-flipping-tastic’!!!! I started here almost immediately after graduating from university and for a first real industry job, I think I struck gold. I have spent the last year working as a runner and art department assistant and have loved every second of it! It involves long days and I am never sat down for long.On my first day at Aardman, someone told me that you are not a real runner until your trainers fall off your feet. Well, they lasted almost a year, but last week my beautiful pink converse bit the dust. It was a semi-emotional moment. Firsty because I loved those shoes, and secondly because it felt like one of those coming-of-age moments that you see in the movies; Except rather than perfectly pulling off a risky casino heist or punching the air whilst ‘Don’t you forget about me’ plays in the background, my trainers were simply no more. It got me thinking about everything I have achieved whilst working here. I have walked miles in those shoes, achieved a lot and learnt even more. I have made good friends and I have made great friends. I’ve been to some amazing parties, collected countless mugs. Proved how utterly brilliant I am at my job, met Barney from Blue Peter and have been lucky enough to work alongside some of the best minds in the animation industry. I feel like I am now a true member of the Aardman family and will never forget my time working on this film. An assistant. A runner. I am Georgie Reynolds

Georgie Reynolds, Runner